These are just a few awesome photos taken at the past two meetups of Sailor Scout Events in Florida at MegaCon and Metrocon. Many of these cosplayers met just that day! These are fun free meetups that allow cosplayers to get the shot they always dreamed of and meet super moon fans like themselves! If you’d like to join us our next meetup is 7/27/14 at Anime Festival Orlando at 3PM! Location to be announced, for more information come join our Facebook page:

 Cosplayers: Too many to mention, but for the ones that are featured: Super Sailor Moon @girlbydaylightcosplay,  Queen Beryl by alexiajeangreypics, Mistress 9 More Devine Cosplayer, Queen Serenity Canadian Diva Cosplay, Princess Serenity by Apple Bunny cosplay, Galaxia by kingseras


Group Shot: Amanda Paul, Sailor Heart: Lyndzi Venia, Dark Lady/Sailor Chibi Moon with Mistress 9/Sailor Saturn: Tonya Ferguson, Nephrite & Molly with Tuxedo Mask & Sailor Moon: Tiffany Davis, Beryl’s Strike: Russell Chang, Super Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity: Waffles Ink Photography, Helios and Sailor Chibi Moon: shortfusepinups, Genderbend Inners vs Four Queens & King Beryl: jlpeacockstudios, Sailor Moon OTP group: Dino Beldia Photography, Galaxia’s Best Day Ever: shortfusepinups

For our friends in the north Sailor Galaxia request your presence at Otakon Saturday August 9th





By Thomas Sanders

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